how to sell on amazon

Want to know how to sell on amazon India? Selling your products online looks a difficult job? Then you are the right place. Let’s make it really simple for you.

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Steps to sell on Amazon India-

how to become a seller on amazon india ? In this article, I am going make things simple for you if you want to start an online business. Amazon is one of the best website to start your business. Following are the steps to to know ” How to sell products on Amazon“–

  1. Research on what to sell.
  2. Get GST registration done.
  3. Get PAN card if you don’t have one.
  4. Open a current account in any preferred bank.
  5. Register your seller account on Amazon.
  6. Get products pictures ready.
  7. List your products to sell on Amazon.
  8. Select working mode-Self ship, Easy ship or Fulfillment by Amazon.
  9. Ship the product on receiving the order.
  10. Advertise your products on amazon (optional).

Benefits of selling on Amazon India–

benefits of selling on Amazon

1)Secure payments:-

Amazon payments are secure and regular. They pay you every week on a certain day.

2) Simple Operations:-

Some of the websites like does not allow you to list your products. Some websites like does not allow you to ship the product directly to the customers.

They have their own services for bringing you online. You need to send a sample of all the products you wish to list.

They do the photos of the product and list by themselves. You need to pay hefty amounts for all the services.

Some of them ask to ship the product to their closest designated warehouses, and then they ship to customers after quality checks. So you waste a lot of money shipping to warehouses.

It is simple to sell on Amazon. You have the product with. Then You have to pack the product. You list the product and you deliver it to the customer. All you have to do is deliver the quality products and maintain a good feedback and seller ratings.

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3) Stress free shipping:–

You can ship the orders you get by any third party courier nearby. But that is not easy. Not all couriers are serviceable to all the pin codes in the country.

And Speed Post is not a reliable option in my opinion. Also managing returns with third party couriers is not easy.

Amazon offers two services to take care of shipping the products. FBA(Fulfillment by amazon) and Easy ship.

In FBA Amazon stock your product in its warehouses and they ship it from there.

In Easy ship you have to pack the product, schedule the pickup, amazon team picks it up from your location and delivers it.

Also, the seller central panel is regularly updated when the product is delivered.

In case of customer rejects, non-delivery, address issues or customer returns, the product gets returned to your location hassle free. Believe me it is really stress free.

customer oriented

4) Loss Compensation:-

When you start online business you should be totally prepared for the losses. They can be:

  1. Customer returns
  2. Damage delivery
  3. Damaged return
  4. Wrong product return

You lose in all 4 cases. There is a facility of safe-t-claims for sellers. You can check your order for eligibility and file the claim.

You don’t get 100 percent loss compensated, but some portion of it is refunded to you which is really helpful. Filing claim is easy and resolution is swift.

5) Third party services:-

These are paid support from Amazon’s certified third party service providers for Amazon seller. You can get services for photography, account management, professional listing, advertising etc.

This is a personalized support and all your queries are easily resolved. The services providers also come to your premises according to the kind of support needed.

So it is easy to be a seller and to sell on Amazon .

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