We always have a question in our mind what are the most successful low investment business ideas in India.

What is a good low investment business idea to start in 2020-

The most disturbing question in our mind is what are the high profit low investment small businesses in India and what are the low investment business ideas. People are always fascinated about starting their own business and be their own boss . From past few years this is a trend in India that youngsters quit their jobs to start up their own businesses.

Business Standard in business ideas-

But the main problem to understand the low investment business ideas, is what should be the business line , what should be the business standard and what should be the business ideas . But it is better to be your own boss instead of working under others.

So we will work here on all these 3 questions –

What should be the business line ?

The business standard ?

And the business ideas ?

Budget Criteria-

First criteria–

First of all, we have to judge how much money we have to spend. If you have less money you are bound to think about Low investment business ideas. And it is better too. So, deciding the budget should be the main point.

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2nd Criteria–

Secondly, you should know what business to pursue and which is the best place to open it. It is great idea to go for a unique business which customer need in that selected area. But keep in mind you do not start a fashion store in a market which sells heavy machinery.

3rd Criteria–

And the third one is , what business you want to start? This is the main question what we have to solve to become rich. Now be a Business analyst for some time, to select the best business idea for you. Here are the few business ideas from my side which may help you to do the same.

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New Low investment Business Ideas –

  • Tuition classes
  • Tailoring
  • Bakery Shop
  • Blogging
  • Wedding Consultant
  • You tuber
  • Event Management
  • Fitness instructor
  • Dance / music school
  • Pet daycare
  • Food Truck
  • Tour Guide
  • Cooking Classes
  • Travel Agency
  • Breakfast Joint

1)Tuition Classes-

Tuition Center

If you want to earn money in very low investment , tuition can be a better option. If you are educated enough, you can start it by forming your friends group. Do it in an organised way so that the chances of failure would be null. To start it you will need a place, light connection, white/black board, tables and chairs, that’s it. For the initial startup estimate 20K as the initial investment.It is one of the best low investment business ideas in India.

2) Tailoring–

Now a days everybody is crazy for self made designer cloths . Because of that the need and demand of good tailors are increasing dramatically in all cities mostly in those who are known as fashion hubs. You have to develop creative ideas for designing in your mind and you will be successful. It is also a very low investment business in India .

3) Bakery Shop–

Bakery Shop

People’s food habits are changed. So the demands of bakery products has increased. In past years, bakeries are needed only on occasions like birthday parties, promotion parties etc, but now this is a place to hangout for youngsters and foodies also. If you have big budget, you can apply for any famous bakery chain franchise. But if you have small budget , you can start your own bakery shop by sourcing products from the local but of good quality.

4) Blogging–

This is one of the most lucrative fields in online business ideas category .Blogging requires a very low cost startup, like buying domains and hosting etc. But it is a low investment business with high and high output. You can earn infinite in blogging as a professional blogger. You have to publish your blog on all current topics, or on user choice topics. If it is ranked by google, you can’t imagine your earnings with blogging .this is a high profit low investment business.

5) Wedding Consultant–

Earlier, family members arranged the entire wedding programs. But now a days, it is a fashion to hire a wedding consultant. As the lives are getting busier, hardly anyone will have enough time to manage such a big event alone. Hence the demand of wedding consultant will increase. If you are good at management of people and product, you can go for this business idea.

6) You Tuber –

It is one of the best online business ideas. Few years before, no one can even think that online can be a better place to earn than offline. But now a days, many people are earning by making you tube videos online. All you need is a good content and creative idea. You can earn good money sitting at home .

7) Event Management–

Event managers rarely spend any time in office. All you need is managing skill and your strong networking skill. And if you have all these skills, this business is going to give you lot of profit. In this, you have to decide and arrange the venue, sponsors and vendors. This work is of 24 hours. It is a very big business and only depends on your networking skills. And also it is a very low investment business.

8) Fitness Instructor-

Fitness Trainer

Everyone is looking to get fit. Gym is a better option to opt for them. A well equipped gym you can plan to open. For this you need a large space first. But again before this you have to check your budget. But it is not a very low investment business idea .

If you don’t have a good budget, you can go for Fitness at home. Many people has no time to visit to the gym or fitness centers. So the idea of a fitness instructor visiting their houses and helping them to get in shape is definitely more appealing to them. So you have to promote yourself strongly in the market and on the online market through websites and social media pages.

9) Dance/Music School-

It is also a low investment business, as you only need to run a dance school is the space on rent .You have to promote yourself in your area, friends groups, social media etc. to make a strong network of people. You should have a good skill too, as an instructor. As the business grows you can hire people to advertise your work out of your areas too. As a result, the more people you instruct outside your work area, the more are the chances to get more students for your dance school.

10) Pet Daycare/ Pet Friendly Service–

While anyone is going away for work, he needs someone taking proper care of his pet, playing with it, feeding it properly, and don’t let it alone. It is more needed when anyone is going for a business trip or on a vacation. So we can take pet day care as a very good business,only if we have love for the same thing. The main expense for this is you have to maintain a website. You have to advertise your work online on social media, Facebook, local friends groups etc.

11) Food Truck–

Food Truck

Let me tell you one famous name of India’s one of the richest entrepreneurs “Prem Ganapathi“. He had started his business by selling dosas and idlis from a hand cart. He rented the cart that time on Rs.150 per month. As a result of his hard work now the hand cart is replaced by the chain of luxury restaurants across the world. It is the low-cost-high-return business. The investment in this is you have to rent a food truck on the nominal rent and you have to pay to the driver only.

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12) Tour Guide-

Tour Guide

Do you love to plan for tours? If yes, this work is best for you. You have to work online to select the best ticket combinations and to study all heritage cities history. You can focus to open up a tour guide business where groups of travelers will ask you to not only arrange the trip but also to guide them through it as a leader. Here the business cost is very low as you can run all your business online only, where you have to spent for your website .

13) Cooking Classes-

Food is something that appeals to everyone. So this business is a hit. If you are a professional cook you can conduct your cooking training classes online and offline both. You can make your You tube channel or you can promote it on Facebook too. For this the cost is very less .

14) Travel Agency–

Travelling Business

In the past decade , the travel industry in India has witnessed a boom. You can run this agency from home where you have to tie up with a host agency. You have to run your website and should put your cost low for the people so that you will be in focus of the travelling groups.

15) Breakfast Joint-

Breakfast Joint

I think you have noticed that all breakfast places in your area are filled with customers .This is because food industry will always do well in competitive markets.

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To open your own breakfast joint you need to rent a space and you have to take permits for food business from the authorities. You can buy second hand tables and chairs for cost cutting .You can rent place on 5000 Rs. or 10000 Rs. per month, and can use rest of your budget on purchasing groceries and other raw material.

You can also promote it on social media , Facebook. As business grows , you can add home delivery option too. And it will enhance your business.

Friends, these are the 15 Low Investment business ideas in India. You can start anyone among these of your choice. You have to keep in mind one thing, The bow stretches the arrow back before it is released to its target, you need to arch back and let loose. The target? the whole world.

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