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What is the meaning of live your life better? It means that you should live your life at your own conditions. Means you should do whatever you want. Don’t see anyone who will guide you to the next.

If you are feeling that life sucks and it is boring, it means you don’t know the technique to live your life better. You have to change your life.

how to live your life

“We are all in effect reality architects”, says Shawn Achor in his book “Happiness Advantage”. It says that you can choose to live a life where life happens to you or you can choose to live your life that comes from you.

This simply means that you can create your own life, your can live your dreams and your can live your life to the fullest. You have the power to shape your own life. We are born in such a society where several things like education system, peer pressure, financial pressure, workplace pressure etc. govern our thoughts and the way of our life.

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So the thought of creating your own life may sound absurd at once. But yes it is true.Your dominant thoughts are the ones that shape your life. But the problem is for most of the people, the dominant thoughts are those of anxiety, fear, worry, loss of love, lack of health.

It’s the human brain’s tendency to obsess over danger and fears. Then the dominant thought become what could be taking things away from them and what could be harming them.

Fears and worries create negative situations that attract more fear and worries, which create more negative situations which attract even more fear and worries. And hence a negative cycle is created.

But if you understand that your thoughts are shaping your reality, you can choose your dominant thoughts that take you on positive side of life. Let’s learn how?

Creative Visualization Technique-

This tool or method says that you can create beautiful visions. Or you can say this is act of seeing in your minds eyes the things you want to attract in your life.

These beautiful visions pull you forward and attract situations and events in your life that make you even more optimistic. And this in turn helps you to expand your visions and pulls you even more towards more positive events in your life to teach you to live your life in a better way.

JoseSilva, and American self taught parapsychologist, has helped millions of people with his popularly known “Silva Method”.

He has given numerous techniques on self help and meditation, helping other live the life of their dreams. He gave simple ways to practice creative visualization. They are:

1.       Get yourself into relaxed state. This works best in morning or after meditation.
2.       See your vision 15 degrees above the horizon. For this open your eyes and focus 15 degree above the level.
3.       See a giant screen in front of you. In that giant screen visualize how you want to see your life to be. What you want to accomplish.
4.       The mental screen in front of you should be 6 to 7 feet large enough to give the reality feel.
5.     And lastly, put all your 5 senses in it. Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste are 5 basic senses gifted to you. Put all 5 senses to your scene profoundly.

Let’s say if you have a dream of opening your own retail business, having a grand store in a nice fancy mall. Visualize it. Give time to your dream.

Sit and visualize a nice store in front of your eyes on a wide screen with nice interiors and best of furniture in it.

See the color of walls and ceiling. See your family and friends at the opening. Taste the cake being cut. Hear the music there.

Feel customers coming to you shaking hands with you. Hear the words of appreciation. And Feel the joy you will have then.

Feel the satisfaction of being able to finish it so well. Believe me this works!! This has worked for hundreds of people even in medical field.

Doctor O. Carl Simonton has used this technique to heal cancer patients for over 30 years. He has written about this technique in his book “Getting Well Again” in 1992.

He claimed that patients can be healed with this technique. So this technique can be applied to healing and accomplishing your projects or to solving your problems.

creative visualization technique

There are several other therapies or methods of conditioning your brain to shape your life better and to live your life and to love your life. We have discussed one of the most popular and effective one.

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Positive imagination really possesses healing powers…

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So true

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Really such a motivation blog to get urself again.

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