We start with the biggest update happened in Facebook. We discuss here the new feature added by Facebook for its business users. That is, Facebook shops, where anyone can sell his physical products.But for that he should have his business page on Facebook. The main topic here is-“How to create Facebook shops“.


The new shop is a very improved version of Facebook previous online selling feature. Here Facebook provided us more control over our business as well as more convenience to the buyers. So,if you are an e-commerce seller,it is something very important to consider.

What is Facebook shops–

It is a improvised version of Facebook online selling and shopping business, where seller can sell his physical products. You are authorized to create your shop here,if you have registered yourself on Facebook as a business holder.

Facebook shops is an online shopping experience.Here seller can easily create an online store on Facebook and Instagram for free. We have to choose our items here which we want to feature. We can connect with our customers through Whatsapp,Messenger or Instagram to answer questions in Facebook shops.

How to create a Facebook shops–

To create Facebook shops, you must already have a Business page here. You can add your products here in specific category so that your customers can find items more easily.

Now I provide all steps list to create Facebook shops-

  • Open your Facebook business page.
  • Go to shop
  • Select check out methods.
  • Set up your currency.
how to create Facebook shops
how Facebook shops work
how to tag products by Facebook shops
Facebook shops currency setting
shops features

How to add products–

  • Go to shop, left corner of the page .
  • click on Add product.
  • Fill the details of your product
  • Tap on Submit.
How to show products
how to fill the product details

How to create collection of your products–

To create a collection of your physical product follow the list-

  • Open your Facebook business page.
  • Go to shop.
  • Click on Add collection.
  • Tap on publishing tool.
  • click on +Add collection.
  • Name the collection and make it publicly visible.
  • Click save when finished.

If you want to understand Facebook shop through video, I am providing you video sourced from Facebook itself-


Facebook shops photos guidelines-

  • You must have an image for each and every product you want to add.
  • The image can not contain text , like promo code etc.
  • No offensive content on photo.
  • Watermarks are not allowed.
  • Image is a minimum of 1024 x 1024 pixels.
  • The image must be a real image of the product.
  • Image should not be a graphical representation or icon.
  • White backdrop is needed for the product.

Read full Image guidelines here.

Product description guideline-

  • The description can not contain HTML contents.
  • No mobile numbers are allowed in description.
  • Emails are not allowed in description.
  • Description should be easy to understand.

Read full description guidelines here.

Read full title specification guideline here.

How to Tag products in your Posts–

We generally post something on Facebook. But think how much it will be beneficial for the seller,if they are able to tag their selling products with their posts. Facebook shops allows us to do so.We can tag our products with the post. When people see our products with the post, they will click on that to start shopping.

To tag products-

  • Upload your post ( photos or videos).
  • Click on Tag products.
  • Select the product you want to tag and name the product.
  • Click on Publish.


To increase your tagged product visibility, I suggest you to tag less than 5 products with the post.


How to share your product from Facebook shops–

Once you have added your products in the shops, You can increase your sale by sharing it on your page timeline. When you share your products, people can see it in their news feed.

To share products at your timeline-

  • Open your page
  • Click on shop tab
  • Click share on the product.
  • Drop down it and select Share on the page .
  • Drop down it and select posting as.
  • Add details in say something about this.
  • Click on post.


Maximum sharing on your timeline will increase your sale automatically .

Share your Shop link with the customers–

You can increase your sale by sharing the Facebook shops link with the customers online and offline both.

To share your page shop link-

  • Select the shop tab on your page.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Copy direct link.
  • Share the link where you want to share.

The best you can do with your Facebook shops–

1) Don’t only share your products,promote it–

To make your products more visible, promote it. for example, if you are giving some price off on any of your product,make sure you are promoting it well to increase your sale.

2) Share products on your timeline regularly-

When you share your products on your Facebook page timeline, interested people will find it in their news feed. As a result, if they like it, they will go to buy it. So for better sale you have to post on your timeline regularly.

3) Ask customers for reviews-

If you have sold anything to the customer, request him to leave reviews and product ratings. It will increase the visibility of that product as well as sale. the reviews will help other buyer to purchase your products with confidence.

4) Keep inventory updated–

You have to keep your inventory updated for a good shopping experience for you and for the customers both. It will help you to reduce your negative feedback.

5) Add your physical shop address (if you have one)–

If you have any physical shop in the city, you can add the address with Facebook shops. It will increase the faith of the customers in you, and the sale too online and offline both. The same city customers can visit to your shop too to purchase more item that are not listed on shop page.

How to delete your Facebook shops collection-

  • Open your Facebook page.
  • Go to publishing tool.
  • Find shop in the left menu and tap on collection.
  • Click in the box of the collection you want to delete.
  • Tap on Actions.
  • Click on delete collection.


If you delete the collection, you don’t delete the products in it.

How to delete the products from Facebook shops–

  • Go to Catalogue Manager.
  • Choose your catalog type.
  • Select the items you want to delete and tick in the box on the top right.
  • Click on delete.

How to delete Facebook shops-

to delete a Facebook page shops,

  • Click the shop tag on your page.
  • Click the drop down and select Delete Shop.
  • Tap on delete shop.

How to hide Facebook shops-

If you are using commerce manager, you can hide your shop from the customers for a period. To hide it –

  • Go to Commerce manager.
  • Click on settings.
  • Find shop visibility.
  • Click on Unpublish.
  • Select yes.


You can Republish your shop again whenever you want by clicking on publish in your setting.

How to see the views and messages of the customers–

If you want to see the views and messages from the customers-

  • Open your page.
  • click on publishing tools.
  • Go to shop tab on the menu.
  • Click on products.

Where to see your first order-

When you receive your first order, you will get a notification.To see that-

  • Go to publishing tool.
  • Find shop on left menu.
  • Go to pending orders.
know your first order on Facebook shops

Once you close your notification, you can see the list of your pending orders. Click on any order to see its additional details like shipping address.

Benefits of Facebook shops–

1) Easy communication with customers-

Customers can ask you questions regarding the products directly on your Facebook page. you can answer the questions there easily and can satisfy them at once. It will increase the faith of the customers in your shops.

2) Can customize your inventory-

You can make different collections for different products. And customers can shop according to their preferred category.

3) Add many products, no limit-

There is no limit on how many products you can add.

4) You can control feedback–

You can see views and feedback from the customers on your Facebook shops.

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