What is Facebook shops ?

Facebook has launched a new feature for the sellers who want to sell their physical products, Facebook shops. Previously, seller can sell their products on Facebook only by creating posts on timeline. After seeing the interest of sellers, Facebook launched this feature. Here seller can make their own shop, add their products in different categories. Here seller can tag their products with any general post posted on timeline.

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Requirements to create Facebook shops-

There are few requirements that seller has to fulfill-

  • Seller has its own business page on Facebook.
  • If he doesn’t have the same, he has to create this first.
  • He has to accept all terms and conditions provided by Facebook.

If the customer has its own physical shop in any city,he can add the address of that shop in this Facebook shops. It will increase his sale as the interested customers of that city can visit his shop to explore more items that are not added in the Facebook shops.

You can add products here-

Select the products you want to sell. Divide them according to categories. Create catalog in your Facebook shops. Add multiple products there with images, product title, price, offers and product description.

Facebook have issued some guideline for images , product title and product description. You have to follow these guideline word by word.

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Guidelines for images —

  • You must upload at least one image for each product.
  • The image should me a minimum of 1024 x 1024 pixels.
  • Image should be accurate for its image itself.
  • Title and description should match with image .
  • No offensive contents like violence, odd languages and nudity.
  • Image file size limit is 8 MB.
  • Use white backdrop.
  • Image is clearly indicate the exact product.
  • No watermarks allowed.
  • If you are including more images, you should include more angles of the product.
  • Capture the product in real life circumstances.
  • No text allowed like promo code on images.
  • No time sensitive info allowed on images.

Guidelines for Product title-

  • Title should be concise and meaningful.
  • No spelling and grammatical errors allowed.
  • Use numbers, like use “2” instead of “two”.
  • Title should be managed correctly, like proper spacing between words and first letter should be capital of each word.
  • Have a max length of 150 words or under 65 characters.
  • No extra words or keywords stuffing.
  • Title should describe the product accurately.
  • Avoid offensive language.
  • Title don’t be the same as product description.
  • Don’t use all caps.
  • Don’t include symbols in the title .
  • No promotional messages like ” sale” or “free delivery” in the title.
  • Title should not describe the other aspects of the business.
  • Don’t include phrases like, ” hot item”, “best gift” etc.

Guidelines for product description–

  • Description must use simple text.
  • Should provide only information about product.
  • Description should be concise and easy to read.
  • Include all features of the product uniqueness so that it helps to buyer.
  • Description must have between 30 to 5000 characters.
  • Grammar, Punctuation and spellings should be correct.
  • Capitalise the first word in a sentence .
  • Match the title and product image with it.
  • Description should not include HTML or links.
  • Phone numbers are not allowed.
  • No emails are allowed.
  • Multiple paragraphs are not allowed.
  • Delivery information in the description is not allowed.
  • Company information is not allowed.

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