11 Simple tips to save money for better future and happy life

save money for retirement

Unless you are born in a billionaire family with hefty amounts in bank and lots of property around the state, you have to save money for your retirement.

Most of us make a small mistake; we don’t start at the right time. It makes it so hard to save a good amount by the time you retire. So let’s start today. Just follow some of these simple money saving ideas and retire happily.

11 ways to save money easy-

1) Record your expenses:

cut off your expenses to save money

If you are spending more than you earn, it’s the high time to stop. Record your monthly expenditure. Understand how much you spend on different things like grocery, bills, clothes, fuel, entertainment, etc.

2)Set a saving budget:

If you know how much you spend in a month, you can properly budget your savings. Set a budget for the amount you will save every month. Keep a practical budget initially.

Once you start saving money monthly, you would automatically want to increase it.Then you can set a higher saving budget.

3)Clear your debts and save money:

clear debt to save money

Debts can never let you save money. So get rid of debts to start saving effectively. Debt robs of your monthly income and you are left with the amount that keeps you hand to mouth.

There are several practical methods which have gained popularity. One of the very popular methods is Debt snow ball method.

This method is a debt-reduction strategy, where the person who owes on more than one account, pays of the debt starting with smallest debts first; while paying minimum payment on larger debts.

To read more about debt snow ball method please check the link below:


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4)Save the debt to save money:

At times people around us need money for some emergency situation. And we help them, lending some amount of money. The trick here is, when that money comes back to you; put it in your savings. Save the money. The reason is you have very well managed all your expenditures without that money. And now that money can be saved.

5)Save unexpected money-spend it smartly:

save money save bonus

Either it is the bonus you receive in the office for certain weak. Or it is the payment of extra hours you work. Save them. This is the best way to increase some hundreds in you saving account. Or use this unexpected money in clearing your debts. You can also invest this money in buying some shares or IPO.

6)Try picking a second job:

If you are unable to manage all your expenditures well from the money you earn. Try working some extra hours. You can take any second job that pays you decent amount in small time.

save money freelancing

It can also be an online work or freelancing. This may right now be a small amount. But having some amount in saving will surely give you great relief.

7)Have frequent No-Spend Weeks:

no shopping

There are 4 weeks in a month. Trying not to spend money on anything non- essential in a certain week. If you successfully do this for a week, then trying doing the same on alternate weeks. This will save you a lot of money.

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8)Avoid unnecessary shopping/make a shopping list before going for shopping:

shopping list to save money

This happens with many of us that we end up buying things we don’t actually need or planned for. This disturbs the budget, hence the saving.

Therefore, you must make a shopping list before you leave. And strictly follow your shopping list. This will keep you focused on things you actually need.

9)Invest in Retirement/Pension Plan:

retirement investment plan

Start planning your retirement. Retirement planning is a lifelong process. You can start anytime. The earlier you start, the easier it gets.

Most banks, companies like Life Insurance Company and several private companies are offering different plans. Study the terms and conditions thoroughly before investing.

10)Quit smoking and alcohol:

Quit bad habits

If possible try quitting any bad habit you have. Either it is smoking or alcohol. If not quitting, try cutting it down to half you do it now.  Most of us waste huge amount of money on such things and ruin the money you can save.

11)Be grateful-

This is the most important step out of all. Be grateful for the money you get and manage it out of gratitude. Being grateful and thankful every time you receive any money, or you spend some of it is very good habit.

It has been practiced in Japan by most of the millionaire and billionaire. The technique is called Arigato Money.

Arigato Money Technique:

Arigato techniques

This technique is given by a Japanese successful billionaire Ken Honda. He believes that money is like air. He says, one should practice “Arigato in and arigato out”. The word Arigato means being thankful.

Welcome money into your life with smile and love. And keep an open heart, being thankful, every time you spend it.

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