This bedtime story is about illusions of life. It is about cherishing what you have. There will be always some richer or more powerful than you.

And at the same time there will be someone poorer and weaker than you. We should be happy of what we are and what we have.

Bedtime stories for kids: Enough is not enough–

Once upon a time there lived a stone cutter named Shibu. He went everyday to a great rock at the side of a big mountain.

He used to cut out slabs of rock for everything from houses to gravestones.

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Shibu was very good at his work and was very popular in the town for his craftsmanship.

He understood the requirement very well, the kinds of stones wanted for various purposes.

Thus he had number of customers. He was a very contented and a happy man. He wished for nothing better except what he had.

In the mountains where he had gone every day for stone cutting, lived a spirit named Ava.

He now and then appeared to men, and helped them in many ways to become rich and prosperous.

Shibu never believed in this spirit. And never showed any interest when any one spoke of him.

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But a time was coming when he learned to change his opinion. One day Shibu carried a gravestone to the house of a rich man.

He saw all sorts of beautiful things in his house which he never dreamt of. Suddenly he felt a change in himself. His daily work seems to grew harder and heavier.

He said to himself, “If only I was a rich man, I could sleep in comfortable bed and had a beautiful home. How happy I should be”.

Ava, the mountain spirit heard to Shibu’s wishes and granted them. He said, “You shall be a rich man”. At the sound of spirit’s voice Shibu looked around but could see nobody.

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He thought he was imagining. He did not feel the same inclination towards his work that day. So he picked up his tools and returned back to home.

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But when he reached his little house, he stood still with amazement. In place of his little wooden hut was a great castle with best of the furniture and luxurious bed as he wished for.

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Everything was exactly the same like he envied. He was happy and joyous. And soon he forgot the old life.

It was now the beginning of summer. Each day the sun blazed more fiercely than the previous day.

One morning it was so hot that Shibu could hardly breathe. And he decided not to go for work that day.

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But never in the past had he missed a day from work. He did not know how to keep busy while at home.

He became dull. And He could not enjoy the beautiful castle and things he wished for.

He started peeping outside from the window to see what was going out in the street.

Then a beautiful carriage passed by, drawn by servants dressed in red and silver.

In the carriage sat a prince. And over his head a golden umbrella was kept to protect him from sun’s rays.

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He said to himself, “If only I was a prince, how happy I should be” as the carriage passed the street. Ava, the spirit heard his wish and said “You shall be a prince”.

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And the prince he became. He rode in carriages with company of men before him and behind him.

Servant dressed in red and silver bore the carriage. The golden umbrella was held over his head. He had everything his heart could desire.

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Still it was not enough for Shibu. One day when he saw that in spite of the water he poured on the grass, the rays of the sun scorched it.

And in spite of the umbrella held over his head each day, his face grew darker and darker. He got furious and cried in anger.

Shibu thought the sun in powerful than him. He said, “If only I were the only sun”. And the mountain spirit Ava answered.

Your wish is heard, “The sun you shall be”. And the sun he was. Now He felt himself proud in his power.

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He started shining fiercely, as powerfully as he can. Then He burnt up the leaves on the trees, grass in the fields and scorched the faces of princess and well as the poorer folks. He was very proud of his power.

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But one day it was very cloudy and rained. Everything he destroyed as the powerful sun was back to life. Discontent once more filled his soul.

He thought if cloud was more powerful than him. And he said, “If only I was a cloud, and powerful than any, how happy I should be”.

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Ava heard and answered, “You wish is granted, a cloud you shall be”. And the cloud he was. Shibu lay between the sun and the earth.

He caught the sun’s beam and held them. And again the earth grew beautifully green again and flowers blossomed.

But that was not enough for him. For days and weeks he over poured rain till the rivers overflowed their banks. Standing crops got destroyed.

Towns and villages got destroyed. Only the great rock by the mountain side remained unmoved.

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The cloud was amazed at the site and cried in wonder. “Is the rock, then, more powerful than I”?

Shibu said, “If I were only the rock, how happy I shall be”. And Ava answered, “The rock you would be”. And he became a rock.

The rock he was and proudly he stood in his power. Neither the heat of the sun or force of the rain could move him. “This is better than all”, he said to himself.

But one day he heard a strange noise at his feet. And when he looked down to see what it could be, he saw a stone cutter driving tools into his surface.

While he looked down, a trembling feeling ran all through him. And a great block broke off and fell upon the ground.

He cried in his anger. “Is a mere human mightier than a rock”? He said, “If I were only a man”.

And Ava, the spirit answered, “You wish is heard. A man once more you will be”.

Once more the man he was. He was back to trade of his stone cutting. His bed was hard and food meagre.

But he had learnt to be satisfied with it. He didn’t long to be something or somebody else. And he did not desire to be greater or powerful than the other people.

He was happy at last. And he never again heard the voice of Ava, the mountain spirit.

This bedtime story teaches us if you only compare yourself to others or other things, you will only worry. Discontent will fill your heart.

Try to do the best with the things you have. Know who you are and what you want to be. And you shall never hear the voice of mountain spirit in your life again.

This bedtime story is a story for kids but a motivational thought for us .

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Lovely story. Lovely narration..

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    beautiful story

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Great story for my kids

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This is beautifully narrated.

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Amazingly told

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Very Nice Story

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Lovely storyy

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